Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting To Know The Pioneer DV-535K DVD Player

A cousin upgraded her DVD player to a state of the art Blu Ray DVD. I became the lucky recipient of her trusty Pioneer DV-535K DVD player.

Manufactured in February 2001 the Pioneer DV-535K is impressive with a gold tinted casing and impressive form of 42cm width, 27cm dept and 8cm height, quite unlike the slim down look of the later DVD players.

Perhaps the size helps to justify the price tags of DVD players in those days. On a more serious note, the cavernous casing does help to keep the electronics inside cool.

The picture shows a full frontal of the Pioneer DV-535K DVD player.
I spent the next few days watch Star Wars with it on my equally trusty Philips Matchline 27 inch crt tv. Verdict the DV-535K is a pleasure to enjoy movies with.

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