Saturday, September 13, 2008

50th Birthday Of The Integrated Circuit

The seminconductors industry celebrated the 50th birtday of the integrated circuit on 12 September 2008.

Jack Kilby first demonstrated an integrated circuit he designed during the summer of 1958 at Texas Instruments. Kilby used a sliver of conductive germanium to connect a transistor and other bits, dubbing the soldered assembly an "integrated circuit" (IC).

However it was Engineer Robert Noyce who at Fairchild Semiconductor,debuted his intergrated circuit with a design that could be mass produced. Noyce founded US chip making giant Intel in 1968.

"The IC was an idea so revolutionary, so life-changing, we don't even remember the world before it came along," Texas Instruments chief executive Rich Templeton said at a ceremony honoring Kilby."And we can't imagine life without it."

Texas Instruments is planning a new research center to be christened "Kilby Labs."

Since then the integrated circuit provides the critical technology for countless electronic devices that enable people everywhere to lead more productive lives; by helping to make these devices smaller. Even more so in today global warming environment where these essential devices consume less power that vacuum tubes and transistors.

The role and importance of the integrated circuit can be seen in many of the devices shown in these blogs. Integrated circuits has moved from just integrated circuits to "small scale integrated circuits ( SSI ), "large scale integrated circuits ( LSI ) to the very large scale integrated circuits ( VLSI ) used nowadays in all modern electronics devices.

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