Monday, September 8, 2008

Sony DXC-1200P Color Trinicon Studio Camera - 1974 Slightly Knockup

My weekend forage at the scrap metal yard turn up this beautiful 1974 Sony DXC-1200P Color Trinicon Studio Camera. Surprisingly someone decide to trash it after being stashed away somewhere for years.

The whole unit weight a hefty 19Kg. The scrap yard owner sold it to me for a scrap metal value of SGD20. I spent the 3 hours on a Sunday, breaking it up. There were lots of screws to remove, quite a handful of electronics boards and a heavy power transformer inside. The assembly and construction is of a very high quality. The power transformer were very well insulated ( a very thoughtful gesture as the camera man will be always frequently the metal case of the camera when shooting ).

Some of the materials statistics :

- plastics about 1Kg
- mild steel sheets and rackets 5kg
- ac power transformer 2.5Kg
- electronics assembly 3.5Kg

Regret - forget to remove the model label from the plastic front panel before discarding, could have made a nice decal from it.
More pictures and descriptions of what I found inside to follow....

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