Friday, October 10, 2008

Sony VCD Remote Control Mod - Ultrabright LED torchlight - 2

Here is the simple change you need to make to the remote control.
Carefully open the remote control with a thin flat screw driver.
Unsolder the infra red LED
Soldered in the ultrabright green LED. Note the polarity of the LED. The longer lead is usually the anode of the LED. Just match it up against the picture on the remote control PCB. Bend the leads a little after soldering so that the LED is align with the front of the remote.
For this remote control, the infra red LED is covered by a small piece of dark ( reddish ) plastic.
So I make a small hole in the plastic and put the ultrabright green LED through it. The LED fits nicely with no glue need. Make the hole using the tip of the soldering iron ( careful not to breath in any of the fumes ) and burred the edges with a sharp paper cutter.

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