Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Sony Walkman Is 30 Years Old

I just learned the Sony Walkman just turned 30 years. In 1979 July 1, Sony released a portable cassette player to the market called the Walkman. It can only played recorded cassette tapes.

It was a major leap in portability for consumer electronics. For the first time you can carry a entertainment appliance in your pocket.

As a early tech adopter I bought one of the latter models. this can record to cassette and also has a AM/FM radio. It has a battery that is shaped like a piece of Chiclets chewing gum. I believe this battery is also rechargeable. However the short battery life between recharges causes my interest to wane and this cassette has since been shelved.

Look out for the picture of a vintage Walkman cassette player/recorder, after I dug it out of my junk bin.

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