Friday, June 11, 2010

Inside 150W Metal Halide Lamp Replaced By Led Bulb

LED lighting has finally became bright enough to replace this 150W metal halide indoor floodlight. I dismantle the metal halide lamp to have a look.  These pictures are the inside components of the metal halide lamp.

The 150W metal halide ballast, the metal halide power factor capacitor, the  metal halide ignitor and the 270K bleeder resister.  Note the metal halide ballast connection diagram. Essentially the ignitor is wire in parallel to the metal halide lamp to give it the 3KV or more kick it needs to startup. The whole ballast assembly weight about 3Kg, really vintage technology as it is electric ballast. 

Although electronic ballast are available,  more efficient LED have replace metal halide lamps especially below 250W.

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