Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Panasonic TV Camera Model WV-71 - What is inside

What you have always wanted to know about what is inside the Panasonic TV Camera Model WV-71. This is Made In Japan, use a TV camera tube not a  CCD device. Has video over DC connection, thus saving one extra power cable.  You just need a video cable to connect the camera to a video recording or TV screen. This is very useful considering that the camera is usually installed in remote locations far from the monitoring location.

Panasonic TV Camera Model WV-71 TV
Camera Tube KV-19NA

Panasonic TV Camera Model WV-71


michel hamon said...

I'm looking for how to connect it to a TV; what dc voltage? ...
Thanks in advance

fleatrade said...

Oh yes, I am trying to figure that out also.

This camera uses some kind DC superimposed on the video cable.

It probably needs a special power source.

I open it up to see if I can directly connect a DC source, mostly likey 12DC. Maybe possible just look for a large cap and connect the DC source there.

I did not complete the task as this camera is obsolete now and I just too lazy.