Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Inside a Fuzzy Logic National Rice Cooker SR-MM18N

Inside a Fuzzy Logic National Rice Cooker SR-MM18N.

My trusty 10 year rice cooker seems to be taking a bit too long to cook the rice. Not so sure what the problem. Probably some alignment needed for the electronics circuit inside. So I took it apart to have a look.

There really quite a handful of parts in the rice cooker. This are probably hand assembled together making it quite a pricey rice cooker.

Some pics to appreciate the beauty and sophistication of a modern rice cooker controlled by a computer chip!.

What really missing is some intelligent software to calibrate the heating again due to aging components instead of having to open the unit and make adjustment with a variable resistor.

Keep warm heater in lid.
Thinking about it, living in sunny Singapore, maybe
I dont need a keep warm function in the rice cooker.

Wonder what the loose piece of brown board is for.
Found it there after opening the National rice cooker.

Beautiful cast aluminoum heating plate with
embeded 800 Watt 230VAC heating element.

Sensor to detect presence of rice pot and
temperature of rice in pot.

Once the batery is flat the clock stops
working and you lost the timer cooking
function. Call this design obsolescence.

Computer controlled rice cooker.
It use to be you just need a pot
and a open fire to cook your rice.
The computer make it very safe you wont burn your rice you
just need to press the correct button on the control panel.
You need to understand man machine interface. But who doesnt now a days.

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