Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Look Inside A 5 Watt 230V AC LED Bulb Suitable For Replacing CFL Light Bulbs

I bought this 5 Watt LED as a early adopter in LED home lighting. As a early design this bulb does not offer good omnidirectional lighting compare to the newer designs from Philips, Osram, GE and scores others. As can be seen this particular LED light bulb can be quite expensive to manufacture considering the amount of aluminium need in the housing not to mention the safety issue with so much exposed metal in a consumer LED light bulb operating at 230V AC.

I am particularly worry about the electrical safety of this 230V AC LED bulb as there is too much expose metal use to cool the LED chip.

I have currently replaced this which a Philips 13.5 Watt LED Bulb with E27 socket.

Large Finned Housing Offer Little Contact With Main Body
Of LED Itself

The LED Driver electronics module is wrapped in wax paper and
place inside the finned aluminium housing.

There is a remote possibility of a short circuit to the bulb housing,
so I decided to stop using this type of  LED bulb.

I planned to reused the LED bulb in a home made LED touch.
The LED driver is reused by installing it inside a adapter casing
which I then used to power G11 type LED bulb I bought on eBay

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