Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back Panel Of The Pioneer DV-535K DVD Player

The back panel of the Pioneer DV-535K DVD Player holds all the necessary audio/video inputs and ac power input.

Well really not all the audio/video inputs are needed. The three standard RCA jacks for video and audio is all you need to watch a movie on the dvd player. The rest are for the more hard core home theatre buff.

The component video output is good if your tv or project can handle it as it is supposed to provide a better picture.

The S-video out can be useful to connect the DVD player to another TV or video recorder.

This is a high end DVD player that comes with digital output. The digital output is provided via a coaxial digital output and also a optical digital output.

In addition there is input for controlling the DVD player from a home theatre system.

Useful but probably little use switches provide for PAL/NTSC system switching and for video attenuation. When set to Auto, the PAL/NTSC conversion is done automatically. This is really not need as most TV and projectors also have PAL/NTSC conversion.

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