Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Full Frontal Description Of Pionner DV-535K DVD Player

The controls on the front panel are well laid out as show in this photo.

On the far left you have the power on/off switch. ( This is hidden in the picture, but is just to the left of the mic input )This turns on full electric power to the dvd player. When off and if the wall ac is on, some power is supply to operate the remote control sensing electronics.

Next to it is the dynamic microphone input for karaoke purpose. This has a microphone volume and echo control. The echo control is effective for reducing those annoying echo when the microphone is too near to the speakers.

In the center is the disc input output tray. Just below is the function display panel. This is a soft white flourescent dot matrix display. The display show things like disc type, running time, time left etc.

On the right is the buttons to control the DVD player itself:

the disc tray open/close button ( nearest to the display )

the fast backward/backward button

the fast forward/forward button

the stop button

the pause button

the play button.

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