Friday, August 29, 2008

Fire Hazard In A Loose Fuse In A Power Plug

This morning, my trusty Electrolux washing just would not get power up. No lights whatsoever on the panel.
A quick check reveal that the wall socket is badly charred on the outside as shown. Thats the live pin side of the socket. The socket is made of tough flame resistant plastic. Anything lesser would have melted the complete socket or may even caused a minor fire.

The charring is actually caused by some overheating in the electrical plug itself. Replacing the plug solve the problem. The socket is not replace as the charring is only on exterior surface. To avoid the cost and hassle of calling a qualified electrician to change the socket, I decided to leave it alone. The washing machine is now working fine, months after I changed the charred and damaged power plug.

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fleatrade said...

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