Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dissected Linear Motor From CDROM Drive

This is a linear motor removed from a old CDROM drive. This motor moves the optical pickup assembly across the cd.
From the top and going clockwise :
- the main housing of the motor.
- the rotor of the motor with worm gear type spindle and two small round circular magnets attached.
- the end cap to keep everything in place
- iron end plate for the first winding
- first winding of the motor
- iron end plate for the first winding
- iron end plate for the second winding
- second winding.
- the remaining end plate of the second winding is in the housing itself.
The end plates are use to enhance the magnetic field generated by the coils.
The length of the motor is about 70mm and the windings together with the housing is about 15mm.
Amazing how a simple motor like this can move an optical pickup with such precision across the CD. A lot of it has to do with the drive electronics.

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