Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pioneer DV-535K DVD Player Laser Module

The rectangular shaped assembly shown here is the laser optics and disc handling assembly.

There are two DC motors here that handle the disc loading/unloading and the spinning of the disc. The laser optics assembly is mounted on precision stainless stell guide rails that move back and forth as the disc plays. The laser optics assembly itself contains miniature magnets, coils and lens to focus the laser beam on the disc and to focus the reflected laser beam on electronics circuits that convert the laser beam to video and audio information. The details are not show here as this requires disassembly of the assembly. I am not willing to kill a perfectly working DVD player.

The white round plastic helps to hold the DVD disc tightly against the rotating spindle.
The optics assembly can be seen through the rectangle opening on the assembly. Just below is the audio/video processing electronics board.

The whole assembly can be easily replaced if faulty. In terms of vulnerability to failure this is the like module as this is the only module with moving parts.

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