Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hand Wind LED Torch Called Dynamo LED Torch

I got a wind-up LED torch a few months back for a summer camp. Its a rugged built torch with the name of Dynamo LED Torch. ( Could have called it dynamic instead ).

The specifications were impressive:
  • Rechargeable LIR2032 Lithium ion battery: 3.6V, 35mAH

  • Rotate 120 cycles per minute, output power less than 1W

  • In normal use, rotate 120 RPM, the battery capacity can reach 80%

  • When used with 1 LED, battery time is about 30 minutes

  • When used with 3 LED, battery time is about 25 minutes

  • In normal use, the lithium ion battery can be recharge about 500 times

  • Estimate life span of the torch is about 10 years if used once per weak.
I was a little bored with the white LEDs and since camping is over for me at least for the next 8 months, I decided to change the white LEDs to green LEDs.

An anatomy tour of the Dynamo LED Torch follows in the next few posts .......

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